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The Last Defense

Emotional, in-depth examinations of death row cases expose flaws in the US justice system. Season 1 investigates a housewife convicted for stabbing her sons, and an athlete convicted for shooting a father, as attorneys race for new trials.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Shamhad Broades

Country: USA

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - The Last Defense
"After surviving the brutal stabbing that leaves her two sons dead in 1996, Dallas housewife Darlie Routier urges police to find the intruder she claims is the killer. To her horror, she becomes the No. 1 suspect. In his first interview in nearly 15 years, Darlie\u2019s husband, Darin Routier, gives an emotional telling of the events leading up to her arrest while the prosecutors, Greg Davis and Toby Shook, walk through the crime scene as they prepare their case."
"Amid a media frenzy, Darlie Routier\u2019s trial begins in the small, conservative town of Kerrville, Texas. Prosecutors know they will be up against a formidable adversary when Darlie\u2019s family hires one of Dallas\u2019 top attorneys, Doug Mulder. For the first time in the series, we hear from Darlie on death row and her first-hand account of what happened that night, an account investigators say was 100% fabricated after Darlie staged the crime scene. The state\u2019s investigators will present its evidence pointing to Darlie as the killer, but 20 years later, defense experts examine their theories, one by one."
"The trial of Darlie Routier heats up. Facing one of Texas\u2019 top defense lawyers, the prosecution argues that Darlie\u2019s actions and demeanor are not that of a grieving mother but of a person capable of murdering her own children. The defense strikes back by questioning the state\u2019s theory of motive and the characterization of Darlie. However, when the prosecution presents a video of Darlie having a party at her children\u2019s gravesite in the now infamous \u201csilly string video,\u201d it seems her fate is sealed. Author Barbara Davis, who was at the original trial, gives a firsthand account."
Season 11 - The Last Defense
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