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Luke Warm Sex

A crash course in great sex. Each week Luke McGregor takes on a new challenge with the help of therapists, sex coaches and scientists, proving if someone as anxious as Luke can get better at sex, then anyone can.

Genre: Comedy , Documentary

Actor: Luke McGregor

Country: Australia

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - Luke Warm Sex
"Luke McGregor has anxiety about getting naked in front of others. So how can he build his confidence? Luke wants to go from someone who wears bathers in the sauna, to someone who can play tennis. Nude tennis!"
"Touching makes Luke really uncomfortable yet sex involves a lot of touching! Attending a cuddle party, taking a kissing class and experiencing a tantric ritual called 'Pulse of the Dragon' pushes Luke out of his comfort zone."
"Having overcome many of his fears and phobias around sex, Luke now focuses on how he can prime his body for sex. But first, a stellar comedy cast of Luke's mates dress up as the most common STI's and all move in together."
"In an episode about giving and receiving pleasure, Luke learns the art of sensually handling your member, or someone else's. He takes a workshop in oral sex and then learns an orgasmic way to stimulate the clitoris."