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Get Shorty

The adventures of a mobster-turned-movie producer in Hollywood. TV show based on Elmore Leonard's novel and subsequent film.

Genre: Comedy , Crime

Actor: Carolyn Dodd

Director: Davey Holmes

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - Get Shorty
"Miles Daly, muscle for a Nevada crime ring desperate to win back his wife and daughter, travels to Los Angeles to collect on a debt from an aspiring screenwriter - whose script inspires Miles to give Hollywood a shot."
"Miles returns to L.A. in an attempt to pitch the script for The Admiral's Mistress to Rick Moreweather, a film producer; Amara takes an interest in investing in the film, triggering anxiety in Louis and anger in Yago."
"Rick slowly begins to discover the unconventional ways Miles and Louis handle their business. Miles notices a growing distance between him and his family, and attempts to bring them to Los Angeles for the summer."
"As Miles\u2019 Hollywood producer facade becomes more legitimate, those associated with him become more disgruntled. Louis feels left out, April feels duped and Rick feels uneasy as he confronts his past artistic endeavors and the business deal with Amara."
"Rick struggles with the casting process as a watchful Amara considers future film investment opportunities. Meanwhile, Katie and Emma visit Miles in Los Angeles."
"An unexpected visitor on the studio lot changes Miles\u2019 plans with his visiting family, and the wider production team is tasked with entertaining the guest."
"Budget problems threaten production of The Admiral's Mistress as on-set relationships take a surprising turn."
"Miles struggles to keep production challenges at bay before a studio executive\u2019s visit. Rick and Louis navigate their own relationships and the issues they pose to the film."
"When an unforeseen event halts production, Miles and Louis rush to Los Angeles to attempt to save their film while Rick flees to the mountains for protection."
"Miles faces a final reckoning with his family and must face his past, present and future head on as the film and those associated with it begin to unravel."
Season 2 - Get Shorty
"Following the events of season one, Miles Daly is in a dark place, working on a new project while anxiously awaiting the first cut of The Admiral\u2019s Mistress. Rick Moreweather, leading a double life, comforts Amara when business goes south."
"Miles holes up in editing with Rick and Louis while Yago pulls a risky job to raise cash for Amara. Louis has a crazy proposition for Gladys."
"Miles finds himself off the grid at a strange motel. Meanwhile, Rick and Amara attend the premiere for \u201cThe Admiral\u2019s Mistress\u201d while Louis, Ed, and Yago keep an eye on the movie\u2019s star actor."
"Miles looks for funding to make his next movie \u201cWylderness,\u201d and takes a firm stance on spending time with his daughter, much to Katie\u2019s chagrin. Louis and Gladys plan their first official date."
"After a bombshell revelation about Rick, Miles and Louis visit an abandoned water treatment facility to figure out their next move. Back at the FBI, Agent Dillard looks into a hunch."
"Miles, facing a rift with Louis, moves forward on \u201cWylderness\u201d with April\u2019s help. Rick deals with PTSD while Yago gets a promotion."
"Escalating tension between Amara\u2019s crew and a rival gang could spell trouble for Miles\u2019s movie. On the home front, Miles fights Katie for custody of Emma while nurturing a new romance."
"A new development from the FBI throws Miles into survival mode. Rick asks Amara to commit to him, and Louis helps Gladys with her career."
"Miles navigates the fallout of the FBI raid while Louis fights to keep his relationship with Gladys afloat. April takes control at work while Rick faces a difficult decision."
"Facing dire circumstances, Miles fights to maintain a presence on \u201cWylderness\u201d and salvage a relationship with Emma. Louis and Gladys prepare to be parents."
Season 3 - Get Shorty
06 Oct 2019
"In the Season 3 opener of Get Shorty, news travels fast that Miles Daley (CHRIS O'DOWD) has been released from prison. And he has a plan for revenge."
13 Oct 2019
"Miles settles into his assistant job at Budd E. Boy Productions, arousing suspicion and fear in Laurence; Rick calls Miles, Louis and Yago to a secret meeting."
20 Oct 2019
"Rick gives his script to his judgmental father for notes and gets an unexpected response; Miles does business with the cartels, while helping his daughter's friend evade the vengeance of a dangerous gang."
27 Oct 2019
"Rick comes to terms with the realization that Amara is alive and back in L.A.. Miles pretends to help Laurence with his HR problem before it leaks to the press."
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