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Extinct or Alive

What if extinct animals weren�t really extinct? The methods used to declare a species extinct are not as fool proof as people might assume. The search is on for wildlife adventurer ...

Genre: Action & Adventure , Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 6.9

Season 1 - Extinct or Alive
"Forrest sets out on a history-making expedition in Zanzibar, revealing species that have never before been filmed and capturing evidence that leads to an unforgettable conclusion on the Zanzibar Leopard, an animal declared extinct 25 years ago."
"Madagascar's Pachylemurs were red, furry giants, nearly the size of great apes. Recently discovered remains disprove that they went extinct 1000 years ago and Forrest scales the jungle on a mission to prove the giant species still lives."
"Forrest teams up with a specialist in Newfoundland in search of the White Wolf, a predator that was declared extinct in 1930. They meet with a hunter that shot what is believed to be a wolf and uncover evidence that suggests the species could be alive."
"Forrest combs the Florida Everglades for a predator that's been rumored to exist for years, the Black Panther. It might be a case of mistaken identity, but while scouring the unparalleled landscape, discoveries suggest that it might be more than a rumor."
"Forrest Galante visits the island of Java in Indonesia to look for the Javan Tiger. This exotic predator was declared extinct in 2003, but park rangers and locals have had recent sightings and are collecting evidence of its existence."
"After numerous credible eyewitness accounts of the Tasmanian Tiger in Australia, James Cook University has researchers on the move. Forrest joins their study before heading deep into the Cape York Peninsula."
"Forrest tracks clues and eyewitness accounts suggesting that the Formosan clouded leopard is still alive after being declared extinct. He treks deep into the jungles of Taiwan where a run-in with a predator might just solve a mystery."
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Season 2 - Extinct or Alive
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