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Captain Planet and the Planeteers

A quintet of teenagers work together to encourage environmentally responsible behaviour and can summon a superhero to deal with ecological disasters.

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1990

IMDb: 6.7

Season 1 - Captain Planet and the Planeteers
"Dr. Blight attacks Hope Island, utilizing a smog-fueled barge. She creates a huge dome over the island and feeds her smog supply into the dome, creating a \"greenhouse\" effect which threatens Gaia's life and that of the Island. If things couldn't get any worse, the greenhouse effect prevents the Planeteers from activating their powers and calling on Captain Planet! Only with the aid of a giant whale can the Planeteers hope to escape their domed environment and summon earth's protector to stop Blight cold."
Season 2 - Captain Planet and the Planeteers
"After watching too many B-rated cyborg and gang movies , Kwame falls asleep. Shortly after, the Planeteers are called to go on a mission, where they're sucked into a freak tornado. They are then attacked by robots and have to eject from the Geo-Cruiser, separating Kwame from the others. Kwame lands into a perfect world where trash is non-existent, and is camouflaged by garbage. Meanwhile, Blight and Skumm have taken over the world with vigilante robots and gangs, and have captured the other Planeteers. They are also turned into gang members, and threaten to reak havoc on the environment. Kwame, with the aid of a new friend, must come up with a way to convince his friends that violence is not in their hearts. Once everything is back on track, the tornado returns, and wakes Kwame from what was a nightmare. He turns on the news, only to discover that gangs and violence are not far from what happened in his dream if it continues...."
Season 3 - Captain Planet and the Planeteers
"The ranch of Lon Talbot is under attack from wolves, and the Planeteers are called in to investigate. Talbot blames the attacks on a local occult known as \"Friends of the Wolf,\" a group dedicated to reintroducing wolves back into Yellowstone national park, after they were forced out when the park became an attraction. The Planeteers investigate further, resulting in a confrontation with a mechanical \"robo-wolf,\" owned and operated by Looten Plunder! Captain Planet, with the help of REAL wolves, bring an end to the robo-wolf's rampage before further destruction can be caused."
Season 4 - Captain Planet and the Planeteers
"An old friend of Gi's, a teacher, is caught up in a gang war and nearly killed, so the Planeteers infiltrate the two feuding gangs and try to put a stop to the cycle of violence, which may prove easier said than done."
Season 5 - Captain Planet and the Planeteers
"The planateers are watching a comedy show that teaches people how to take better care of the earth, something which angers the eco-villians immensely. They head down to the studios and take over the show, turning it into something that caters more to what they do best: laying waste to Earth! Can Captain Planet pull the plug on this bogus broadcast?"
Season 6 - Captain Planet and the Planeteers
"Engines are revving up for a giant speedboat race through the Florida waterways. Unfortunately, the race threatens the endangered manatees who live in these backwaters. As usual, the Planeteers try putting to stop the eco-catastrophe. Only, this time they get some unlikely help from Wheeler's favorite TV stars, Danny Dazzleduff and Belinda Bubblebutt from Babe Watch, when they discover that Hoggish Greedly is behind a plan to get rid of the manatees."