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X-Men: Evolution 3x13

Dark Horizon (2)

As Jean’s and Scott’s graduation day approaches, Rogue suddenly leaves the mansion. She arrives at the Brotherhood house and knocks everyone with extreme easily but Pietro realizes that she isn’t acting normally. Later, she leaves and goes with Mystique. She absorbs her powers and goes after the Acolytes. After absorbing everyone’s powers, she leaves and goes to the graduation. Magneto arrived at the ceremony and tries to stop Rogue who is seeing everything. Charles persuades Magneto to leave Rogue who escapes as well as Mesmero who’s being seeing everything. Kelly claims that the mutants are a threat but none of them takes him very seriously. Magneto helps Charles saying that Mesmero has been controlling Rogue and will use her to get the last key. Magneto tells Beast how to find info about Apocalypse by revealing his true name: En Sabath Nur. Later, Charles uses the information acquired and the power of Cerebro to find his tomb in Egypt. The Acolytes and the X-men almost get Rogue but

Aug. 16, 2003

X-Men: Evolution season 3