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X-Men: Evolution 3x10

Cruise Control

As all the monsters in tomb attack, the teammates try to oppose them with full strength, but suddenly the floor of tomb breaks. All the teammates get divided in groups of three such as Quicksilver, Cyclops, Pyro in middle chamber; Jean, Storm, Iceman in lower chamber, Kitty, Kurt, and Colossus in lowermost chamber & Professor X, Magneto, and Beast in uppermost chamber. As all of them fight with mechanical monsters, Beast finds much information about Apocalypse writings on walls of tomb in hyroglyphic. Finally, Magneto opens a door in which a device working on cerebro technology is placed. Charles tries to operate; Meanwhile, Logan, Sabertooth, and Gambit track Mesmero and Rogue along with Mystique. Mesmero sends Mystique as the third and final key in shape of snake. When she touches the sign of Apocalypse, she turns into stone. Gambit breaks open the door of the cave, and all three try to defeat Mesmero. He manages to fight with them till Rogue reaches the final tomb and opens it. As L

Aug. 23, 2003

X-Men: Evolution season 3