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Road to Avonlea 5x10

Best Laid Plans

As penance for a careless accident he caused, Hetty orders Davey (he and Dora who Hetty is looking after for the afternoon) to perform three good deeds. The first is directed toward Jasper. Davey is the cause of yet another accident in Jasper’s laboratory, but one that helps Jasper create a new unbreakable ceramic-like material. Olivia thinks that Jasper should patent it and use it for widespread purposes. The only person who Jasper believes could assist financially and with business expertise is his black-sheep cousin Jeremiah Dale – he being the black sheep because he went into business. However Jasper does not want to ask as he has not spoken to Jeremiah in over twenty years since Jeremiah made his life miserable when they were growing up. Looking remarkably similar to each other, Jeremiah used to pretend to be Jasper while wreaking havoc. Without telling Jasper, Olivia decides to ask Jeremiah on Jasper’s behalf, a move which doesn’t sit well with Jasper. Olivia, Jasper and Jeremiah have to reconcile their feelings if there is any chance of Jasper’s invention making a mark in the world. Jeremiah’s plans are to seek investments of $8,000 to make the business fly. But Jasper and Olivia have no idea what Jeremiah’s exploits have been in the past twenty years. Those exploits ultimately direct the success or failure for Jasper, Olivia and the investors of what Jeremiah has coined “Jasperon Incorporated”.

Road to Avonlea: 5×10
Road to Avonlea: 5×10
Road to Avonlea: 5×10
Mar. 15, 1994

Road to Avonlea season 5